Summer Update

Last night, an intergenerational crowd gathered for our monthly meeting. Though the agenda had been planned well in advance, we made space to address this weekend’s events in Charlottesville. Leaders had the option to dig into our evolving engagement in the local struggle for water justice or participate in a sharing circle, both of which, we believe, are in service of dismantling white supremacy. Folks listened to each other share grief, fear, numbness, and rage and wrote hopes and prayers for our troubled country. One read:


Loving Kindness,unnamed_(8).jpg

Historical Study,

Deep Listening,

Honest Leadership,

Organized Resistance.

It struck me: what we want for this country is the same as what we strive for in our organizations, communities, and movements.

I want to honor the organizers: the dozens of local and national community organizations who sent their people and resources to Emancipation Park. The resistance doesn’t just happen -- not only have people spent weeks prior coordinating hospitality, talking to media, fundraising, and sitting in late night coalition meetings negotiating tactics, they spent years developing relationships and infrastructure.They spent generations building muscle.

I keep thinking about what the state of our coalition will be if they march on Detroit. DJJ will do everything we can to ensure the Jewish community will be not stand idly by. Your monthly contribution goes a long way towards making that work possible.

In memory of Heather Heyer z”l and all those who sacrifice towards a redeemed world, we continue the fight by:

  • Serving on the Host Committee of the Women’s March Convention

  • Training our staff in racial justice

  • Spreading the word about the impacts of the incinerator on communities of color

  • Educating our leaders to understand themselves as part of a larger movement with histories & tools

  • Engaging community partners in conversations about Anti-Semitism

  • Ramping up our efforts to challenge the cruel and self-defeating water shut-off policies of the City of Detroit

  • Reaching out to Jewish family, friends and institutions to join us

Loving Kindness, Historical Study, Deep Listening, Honest Leadership, Organized Resistance.

I feel so blessed to be building an organization that practices & uplifts these values. We hope you'll join us.

Rabbi Alana Alpert

P.S. Please answer the call of Charlottesville organizers to take action.


A Weekend with M. Dove Kent and Koach Baruch Frazier
We are thrilled to host M. Dove Kent and Koach Baruch-Frazier, political and spiritual leaders in the national Jewish justice movement, in Detroit for a series of events for our leaders and broader community. See more details below and RSVP for an upcoming event.

Kabbalat Koach

6 - 9pm
Location to be announced. 
RSVP here.



Jews, Race, & the Struggle for Justice 

10:30am - 12:30pm
at the Repair the World Workshop. 
RSVP here.

Practicing Resistance: Jewish Solidarity in Action & Community 

12:30 - 6pm 
at the Repair the World Workshop.
Buy tickets here.
This intensive workshop is intended for folks who are involved
with Detroit Jews for Justice or have attended a DJJ orientation.



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