Current Campaigns

At DJJ we hold many partnerships with the greater organizing community in Detroit.

Every year we ask our partners about their political plans, and take a wide-lens look at the local political landscape of Detroit. Then we synthesize those responses, and our staff and leaders come together to commit to honing in on a handful of particularly important issues.

This year we have identified five major campaigns, two city-wide and three state-wide. 

City Campaigns

As money pours into Detroit, we support the groups fighting for residents and neighborhoods and against corporations profiting from development. 

Property Tax Justice

With the Coalition for Property Tax Justice, we are working to make sure no occupied homes get foreclosed, to stop over assessment of property taxes, and compensate Detroiters who were overtaxed. Further, we are fighting with Detroit People's Platform against property tax breaks for developers. 

Police Funding Reallocation

We are working with Detroit Action to reallocate part of the Detroit Police Department's proposed budget of $389 million towards funding a Right to Counsel for tenants in landlord disputes as well as create an Office of Violence Prevention that would direct health-related emergency calls towards existing social services capable of meeting their needs.


State Legislative Efforts

Taking advantage of progressive leadership throughout Lansing for the first time since 1984

LGBTQ+ rights

We are supporting the Hate Won't Win campaign's efforts to pass legislation to make Michigan safe for LGBTQ+ folks. After expanding the Elliott Larsen Civil Rights Act to include protection over gender identity and sexual orientation, we are now trying to build on that momentum to make Michigan a place where LGBTQ+ folks feel safe.

Statewide water affordability + accessibility

For years, we have partnered with the People's Water Board Coalition to advocate for a statewide moratorium on water shutoffs and a program to ensure people's water bills never exceed 3% of their income. 

Driver's Licenses for All

We are partnered with Cosecha Detroit and the Drive Michigan Forward Coalition to make sure every Michigander has a driver's license, a necessity for undocumented folks. 


Other partnerships

While these are not current campaigns, some other issues our leaders are engaging with right now include:

   - Tenants organizing with the MI Tenants Assembly
   - Creating a statewide office of disability justice with Detroit Disability Power
   - Stopping the construction of a concrete crusher in Core City
   - Advocating for higher wages for bus drivers with Transit Riders United