Thriving Team

We envision a healthy region with an economy that works for everyone.

We organize to alter relations of power around issues like Worker Rights, Education, Water Rights, Environmental Justice, Disability Justice and Housing.

The Thriving Team meets on the second Wednesday of every month, minus every third month which will hold a DJJ General Meeting and a New Leader Orientation.

We appreciate everyone's patience and dedication to the Thriving Team as it takes shape. We'll be taking a pause in January to organize internally and improve our system for tracking member engagement and team impact. We will regroup with our regular monthly meeting in February, but until then schedule a 1:1 with a co-chair so we can better get to know each other!

Schedule a chat with Kira here

Schedule a chat with Graham here

LIAISON UPDATES (last updated: 12/11/2020)

Have you ever asked yourself: What's a 1:1? Well, check out this resource for some tips!

Water Justice:

  • We're celebrating the tremendous news of Mayor Duggan extending the Water Shut-Off moratorium through 2022 (read more here and here), while preparing for the work ahead as the fight for affordability goes on. For more info or a deeper conversation about our Water Justice work, reach out to Barry for a 1:1 --, (248) 701-7414

Freedom Team Call to Action, Immigration Justice:

  • Drive MI Forward is a statewide coalition committed to restoring driver’s licenses for all Michigan’s undocumented immigrants, and especially critical now through the pandemic. Take action below to support their current legislative initiatives!

Fundraising is Organizing! Tell your friends and family why you DJJ and why they should give a sustaining gift:

E-Mail Konrat at if anything catches your eye and you wanna get involved!


From 11/12/2020

Water Justice:

  • People’s Water Board is participating in an anti-racism training series with Tawana Petty. There are four DJJ leaders actively participating.  Lori, Barry and Rabbi Moshe were a huge part of making the training happen.
  • Take action:
    • The People's Water Board needs a tech volunteer to set up google suite to organize many documents and emails related to issues.
    • Contact your state senator and ask them to codify EO 2020-144 regarding water restorations and shutoff protection!
    • Monitor a DWSD or GLWA meeting and take notes to share with our partners in the Water Justice arena.
    • Please allow the People's Water Board to send a postcard in your name, there is a good chance Gov. Whitmer's administration will not renew Gov. Snyder's permit to allow Nestle to take Michigan’s water for its own profit. The People’s Water Board plans to mail at least 500 postcards to EGLE Director Liesl Clark, asking her to withdraw the state permit for Nestle to pump an additional 400gal of water per minute from West Michigan groundwater for only $200 a year. Please join us in this effort to protect Michigan’s precious water from commercialization.
      Please send PWB an email at with your name, email, and Michigan address so PWB can mail a postcard in your name.
      Please contact Mary Ellen Howard, RSM if you need more information at

Environmental Justice:

  • The Environmental Justice Team is participating in the Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition online summit.
  • Join the Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition mailing list at
  • Join the Work for Me, DTE mailing list here.
  • Sign up for the Planet Detroit newsletter here.

Education Justice:

  • Join DAYUM's virtual Youth Speak-Out on Sat. Nov. 14th 12-3pm! Register here.
  • Learn about the demands of DPS students for equity in education here.
  • Learn about issues students are currently facing with online learning here.

Housing Justice:

  • We participate in the Coalition for Property Tax Justice by attending monthly meetings, supporting advocacy campaigns, and participating in work-group committees.
  • We share anti-eviction information, canvassing events, as well as direct actions organized by Detroit Renter City and Detroit Eviction Defense.
  • We support federal campaigns for fair housing and against evictions when relevant.
  • Attend a Detroit Eviction Defense weekly meeting (Thursdays 6pm, St. John’s Church, 2120 Russell St. Detroit, MI)


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