Our Work

In 2015, early in our organization's formation, a team of DJJ'niks researched a host of regional issues as potential starting points for our work. They selected the following causes to focus on - but we continue to support many other organizations and movements.

Earned Paid Sick Time: A partnership of many community-based organizations, the MI Time to Care coalition has been working to get state-wide legislation passed to ensure earned paid sick time for all Michigan workers. Sadly, this year’s campaign failed to get the proposal on the ballot for November - but DJJ succeeded in collecting more than 1200 signatures towards the petition! MI Time to Care is now looking towards next year to reboot the effort and get it on the ballot. Visit mitimetocare.org for updates. Learn more about our support for Time to Care on blog posts by Organizing Team member Hayley and past Organizing Co-Chair Nora.


Education Justice: Detroit Public Schools are fighting a host of grave issues: gutted funding, deplorable building conditions, and the constant threat of closure or state takeover. Teachers are fighting for decent pay and their right to protest. The existence of the whole system has been threatened by state legislators. DPS teachers and families have been rallying for years for schools that honor the needs and rights of students and teachers. To learn more, email DPS teacher, activist, and DJJ’nik Marni Falk at [email protected] to sign up for her regular updates on the state of DPS. See Marni's thoughts on the fight for Detroit Public Schools here.


Water Justice: From Flint to Detroit to Highland Park, communities have been denied clean and affordable water. Without access to this basic human right, individuals and families face a public health crisis. Grassroots organizations like We the People and the People’s Water Board Coalition - including DJJ - are fighting privatization, water pollution, the disintegration of water infrastructure, and prohibitively expensive water bills. Learn more at facebook.com/peopleswaterboard and facebook.com/wethepeopleofDetroit. People's Water Board is supporting a package of water justice bills in the state legislature which you can read here. Click here to read DJJ'nik Talia Schechet's reflection on Detroit activists and artists advocating for clean, affordable water. 

D15: D15, or Detroit15, is an organization of local fast food and retail workers fighting for $15 minimum wage and a union. They are part of a national movement that has brought together workers across industries to demand better workplace practices. Learn more at facebook.com/Detroit15. Read DJJ'nik Rabbi Ariana Silverman's on the #Fightfor15 here. Click here to read about Rabbi Alana's opening invocation for the Service Employees International Union convention and here for Organizing Team member Rachel's thoughts on rallying with D15.


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