Welcoming DJJ's New Organizer for Culture and Resources, Blythe Kim!

Hi! I’m Blythe and I’m the newly hired DJJ Organizer for Culture and Resources.  

I’ve participated in art as organizing and activism in the Detroit community for years, most recently with the TETRA Art Collective. A majority of my work has been in collaboration with performance artists and poets in Detroit, helping with production design and curating spaces to facilitate and prepare the audience for the experience to come. I’m excited for this new journey with DJJ. My work experience has been mostly in the corporate world, specifically automotive. It was a constant struggle of justifying to myself that my work had value, while knowing I was contributing to the growth of an industry whose goal had real damaging effects on our environment. I’m relieved to be a part of an organization where I can show up as my authentic self from morning to night, with no compartmentalization or need to shift who I am at work and at home. I’m grateful to DJJ and our community for providing so much space to do this, to show up as our authentic selves and to participate fully in work that is meaningful and making the world more just.

I’m here to be an ally, to listen, and to contribute the best that I can. I’m here to be in community. I’m excited for the work to come and the progress to be made.

Here’s a picture of me and my art community at a performance we did in August 2019 - I’m in the front row, third person from the left. I hope you can see our joyous spirits at finally being able to share months of hard work with our loving community. 

After just wrapping up my third week at DJJ, I am excited to bring this same energy to my work here! It’s been a magical experience so far! I’ve jumped in with both feet to help plan our 5th Annual Purim Extravaganza and am incredibly grateful for the introductions to and guidance from so many leaders and staff through this process. I’m looking forward to meeting even more DJJ-niks as I continue to get to know this very special community.


**Reminder: the event is Sunday, March 8th at the Tangent Gallery & Hastings Street Ballroom with the family program starting at 2pm, costume contest at 3:30pm, Purim Spiel at 4pm and a dance party after! Please RSVP!!! ALSO we need volunteers! Get free food and drinks at Purim! 

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.