Chazak, Chazak, V'nitchazek, From Strength to Strength on the DJJ Staff

I love getting to tell people about my job. I feel lucky that I am able to do work that is so deeply aligned with my values, and so reflective of the world I want for my child. 

When I consider what makes me so proud of DJJ and the work we do, two groups of folks come to mind: our leaders and our staff. I have been blessed to be part of both, as I first engaged with DJJ as a leader, and then transitioned to staff. I see both groups as pillars of our community, holding us up as we grow in power, in connection to our partners, and in our expression of Jewish tradition. 

In the vein of lifting up our powerful, thoughtful staff, I’m extremely proud to announce some shifts that are happening to bolster the strength of our organization and serve our mission more effectively. 

Drum roll please… as of February 1, Our wonderful Organizer Elijah Silver will become DJJ's Coordinator for Communications and Education, while Solomon Medintz will transition into the Organizer for People and Resources!


Playing on their amazing strengths as an educator, facilitator, communicator, organizer, and visual artist, Elijah will be bottomlining our educational programming; handling our internal and external communications; and holding partnerships in the areas of Reproductive Justice, LGBTQ+ Rights, and combating white nationalism, white supremacy, and antisemitism.


Playing on his strengths as a community connector, thoughtful communicator, and political strategist, Solomon will be managing our organizing teams, event planning teams, and grassroots fundraising team; and holding partnerships in housing, disability justice, police accountability, and more!


I’m proud. I’m proud of the brilliant, thoughtful people who make DJJ’s mission a reality. I’m proud of the flexibility and vision of our staff to make this change happen.  

This change will affect who you should reach out to for support and questions!  

Reach out to Solomon ([email protected]) with questions about:

  • DJJ’s active campaigns 
  • Mobilization opportunities
  • Potential campaign opportunities
  • Partnership questions

Reach out to Elijah ([email protected]) with questions about

  • Adding content to our weekly leaders email
  • Communications 
  • Educational opportunities for DJJ, synagogues, or broader community spaces

Confused about who to email?  If you get in touch with anyone on the DJJ staff, they will route you to the right person. 


May we continue to move from strength to strength in 2023, 

Executive Director, DJJ

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