Michigan Voices Joint Fundraiser

Here is a copy of the joint fundraising email we sent out yesterday, in partnership with Michigan Voices:


Michigan Voices is a Black women-led backbone organization that builds civic engagement capacity for non-profits. They convened the table that organized the successful Reproductive Freedom For All Campaign, which we organized for over the last year. This year, we are fundraising together because the power we built working together on Proposal 3 was so potent, so tangible. This same model of solidarity can and should be applied to funding our movements. Will you give to see what we can do together in 2023?

Movement power rarely gets a chance to be tested like our’s did in Michigan this year. Once Roe looked set to fall, we knew it was up to us to prevent the 1931 law criminalizing all forms of abortion and stripping millions of Michiganders of their right to safe reproductive care, from going to effect.

Michigan organizers sprung into action: we knew we had the organizational infrastructure and partnerships to secure a victory the whole country is now studying: we passed Proposal 3—the Reproductive Freedom for All ballot initiative—and used the energy from that victory to secure gains for progressive causes that haven’t been seen in a generation.

Working together was nourishing for both of our organizations, and the trust and close relationships built over the course of the campaign will only amplify our capacity going forward. 

Will you help us continue building power together? You can magnify your impact by forwarding this email to 5 other potential donors! In honor of Proposal 3, we are looking to raise $3,000 for each organization by Christmas. 

DJJ and MI Voices will share all the proceeds generated from this fundraiser. As such, we ask that however much you would give to DJJ, you double your donation. This practice aligns with MI Voices’ mission to support grassroots organizations, and DJJ’s mission to always work in partnership. We move together, and we hope you will move with us.


Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.