Marni's Reflections on "Get Your People: The Role of White People in Ending Racism"

On January 31st, I attended the training cosponsored by DJJ, "Get Your People: The Role of White People in Ending Racism."

I was so impressed that once again the event filled quickly and demonstrated a huge interest in our community for training on racial justice organizing. The training focused on defining the terms used when discussing racial justice, and what ways white people can be intentional and supportive allies in the fight for racial equity. It is incredibly helpful for everyone to gain a common language and understanding of what it meant by "white supremacy," "racism," etc. and how it is perpetuated. I was reminded that white supremacy and racism negatively impact white people as well. For us to all be liberated and for us to be whole, we need equity and an end to oppression of any people. 
At the same time, it's important to remember that there is no simple, quick solution. The systematic oppression of minorities to maintain white supremacy in our country is so ingrained in our society that it is hard to break the patterns it perpetuates. It is a lifelong process to re-educate ourselves and those around us, and to develop relationships that can start to change our communities and greater society. It was helpful to gain advice about where to start, what to do (and what not to do), and where we can go from here. I was inspired to learn from such powerful leaders in this work, and to see that I am not alone in my desire to continue this challenging work.
24775156_10210284224762516_5298928546986460980_n.jpgMarnina is a DPSCD teacher and DJJ's education justice liaison.
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