Marni Falk

When I moved back to Detroit after two years in Costa Rica, I was excited about finding a progressive Jewish community that wanted to be involved in grassroots initiatives to make our city better. The past years have been especially trying from the struggle to save Detroit Public Schools to combating police brutality, white supremacy, water shutoffs, illegal tax foreclosures, immigration reform, workers rights, and so much more. Additionally, living with the Trump administration has added a new level of issues to fight. This can often seem so overwhelming and hopeless. Yet, I have found that Detroit Jews for Justice gives me hope and fuel to keep fighting for a just and better world. Along with that, it gives me a supportive community to live out my values as a Jew and believe in social justice, through both ritual gatherings and community actions. Since the organization's start, I have seen how much we have blossomed and grown. We have built some amazing partnerships in the city and have truly been able to increase our capacity. Your donation can help ensure that we can continue doing the work we do!  


Marni is a Spanish teacher and a DJJ education justice liaison.
$677.00 raised
GOAL: $500.00