Education Justice Virtual Art Build and Rep. Calling Party!

This past Sunday, a group of dedicated DJJniks got together over zoom in solidarity with educators, school workers, students, and families who's futures are uncertain at this time. With the leadership of MI CORE, we made signs demanding that all school workers be paid in light of school closings, that the instructional days be forgiven, and that everyone be kept home until the COVID-19 pandemic is definitively under control. After some therapeutic art-making, we made calls to some members of our state senate to demand that they get this done and pass SB373 with the necessary amendments to serve Michigan students. We all made sure to make a call to Senate Majority Leader, Mike Shirkey, to lay the pressure on. Want to join in the at-home advocacy? Use our signs as inspiration and put it in your window! Want to contact the Michigan Legislature?  Scroll to the bottom of this post for a call script!


Script to Call Mike Shirkey’s Office

Number: (517) 373-5932

Hi My name is ________________ from __________.

I am calling today to urge Senator Shirkey to vote yes on the School Aid Supplemental Bill Senate Bill 373 and also ensure all school workers receive their full pay. Michigan educators are also calling upon you to do right by our fellow citizens and ensure free testing and treatment for COVID-19. 

 Michigan Educators  work tirelessly every day to provide students with the excellent education they deserve. In this critical time, I am demanding that the state of Michigan is there for teachers and school workers and support reasonable measures such as forgiving all instructional time lost. We are already dealing with an unprecedented public health crisis. It would be barbaric of our state government to choose not to pay its dedicated public servants at the same time. Many Michiganders are suffering heavily because of this crisis, and they should not have to deal with paying for any treatment or testing for COVID-19 either.

Please vote yes on Senate Bill 373. Please do your part to make sure every Michigander is healthy, safe, and gets the care that they need. Thank you.

Additional Action

In addition, if you would like to seek out your state representative and state senator to take action on the same bill, please do so with the information listed below.

Find your state representative here: 

Find your state senator here: 

Legislative Information:

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.