Allie Zeff

As this holiday season approaches and I reflect on the last 3 years of my life in Detroit, I am feeling more grateful than ever for the community I have built here.  In the transition from college life to my “real” life I am truly proud of what I have accomplished. These days, when I’m not singing songs and banging drums with kids in Dearborn, I’m strategizing about how to change the culture of DJJ to one of giving and getting, or I’m roller skating with women I admire and respect, or I’m cuddling with the newest addition to my family, lil’ Aaron: the sweetest dog in the continental United States.  I’m pretty much feeling like the luckiest person ever, and continually fortifying myself in loving community with folks who want what I want: a more just Detroit, clean and affordable water for all people, a seat at the table for the Jewish community, an end to unjust foreclosures, a better future for the next generation, and place to lovingly resist. Detroit Jews for Justice has created that space for me. This year, I am taking it upon myself to express my gratitude.

Will you contribute to my goal of $500 to the work that DJJ is doing?  This year, I don’t need a Hannukah gift, a Christmas gift, or even a birthday gift! (December 31st!)  All I really want is for you to give whatever you can to sustain the organization that sustains me.

Allie is DJJ's Grassroots Fundraising chair, art leader, and an amazing music teacher.