Cast Reflections from DJJ Purim 2024!

On March 23rd, 2024 DJJ leaders performed an original Purim Spiel, re-interpreting the Book of Esther in the context of housing crises in Detroit and Israel/Palestine. The spiel imagines how Mordechai and Esther's lives would have unfolded had they been forced to leave Shushan, and fled to the lands that hold the greatest number of Jews today: Israel and the United States. You can watch the spiel, and some of our local housing partners talk about their work here. Here are some of the character's reflections: 

"Truly extraordinary job to all for doing such a powerful lift. And a special shoutout to those who carried the heavy behind the scenes labor of conveying the ideas in the script and bolstering those ideas in community organizing/outreach. So much appreciation to all of you." - Narrator


"I don’t think I can even put into words what a wonderful experience this was! I am overjoyed to be a part of this community and so grateful for all of you welcoming me with open arms. Thank you to everyone who put so much work into this powerful, complex, thoughtful, and hilarious production, I’m honored to have been a part of it and so excited to work with you all again!" - Zohar

"Being part of DJJ’s Purim spiel was meaningful to me because it gave me a chance to combine my passion for advocating for social justice with my love for theater. The script this year was written so well, finding the perfect balance between having lighthearted moments, while also tackling the serious topics of historic and current housing injustice in Detroit and displacement in Palestine. The spiel always has such a talented group of people in every stage of the process, and I had such a fun time both on and off stage with everyone!" - Esther


"It has meant so much to me to join forces with like-minded Jews here in Detroit, my hometown. I'm proud of the messages of the shpiel and of the audience for taking it in.  I've never felt that much openness to hearing criticism of Israel among Jews because we were also laughing! I hope to see you soon." - Mordechai

"We entertained the way only we know how and I just wanna share gratitude with you all. I hope you all feel proud of yourselves! That was a blast and I think we nailed it!" - Kibbutznik

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