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Buy Your Tickets to Wolfgang 2023!

Update: This event has SOLD OUT and we currently have a waitlist! We also have a few volunteer roles open, please contact us if you'd like to claim one.

Thank you for visiting the ticket sales page for Wolfgang 2023! We are so excited to celebrate the social justice work of metro Detroit Jews and non-Jews who are fighting for a better world. Please either join our host committee or purchase individual tickets. You may choose whichever level feels right for you! 

Individual Tickets

(A range of payment levels to make everyone in our community welcome)


 Chai Roller……………………… $180

 Bohneh/Builder………………… $36

 Ohed/Supporter………………… $72

 Magen/Protector………………… $18


Join our Host Committee

All hosts will be listed online and on invitations, are invited to a private reception with the honorees before the event, and will receive a bundle of DJJ merchandise. In addition, hosts sponsoring at various levels will receive recognition as follows:


Sponsor Level

Gift of…




$5,400 or more

  • Five (5) Wolfgang Awards tickets
  • Acknowledgment from the stage at event
  • Program Listing as a Ro’eh 
  • Original work of art by a local artist


Mover & Shaker


  • Four (4) Wolfgang Awards tickets
  • Program Listing as a Macher
  • Original work of art by a local artist


Righteous One


  • Four (4) tickets to Wolfgang Awards 2023
  • Program listing as a Tzadik




  • Three (3) tickets to Wolfgang Awards 2023
  • Program listing as an Ozer




  • Two (2) tickets to Wolfgang Awards 2023
  • Program listing as an Amud


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Help us DJJ- Do Justice Jewishly!

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Donate online here or send a check addressed to "Detroit Jews for Justice" to the following address:

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DJJ is building Jewish political communities we can be proud of—communities based on local and intergenerational relationships, that practice solidarity with all oppressed people, and that embody the world we want to live in. We are building Jewish spaces that center the young, queer, non-white, and disabled among us, spaces that people won’t run away from. We are following the lead of movements of other marginalized groups, and building deep coalitions that will protect each other from the far-right. But in order to do all of this well, we need resources.

DJJ relies on its extended community for a substantial portion of our budget because we need to, but also because it reflects DJJ's commitment to letting our volunteer leaders guide the organization.  If you value the work of local, progressive, Jewish political organizing, donate today to celebrate a breakthrough 2022!

Thank you so much for your generous gift! Your support makes this work possible.

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