Winning Immigration Justice in Michigan: A message from Bobbi Spiegler

I’ve been organizing for justice for decades. 

I’m so grateful that at this moment in my life, and at this moment in our country, to be doing this work Detroit Jews for Justice. DJJ provides an outlet for me to take meaningful action on the issue I feel most passionate about today: immigration.

As a part of the national movement to commemorate Tisha B’av (the Jewish holiday of mourning) with a “Close the Camps” action, DJJ spearheaded a demonstration at the Dearborn Police Headquarters. We partnered with Muslim and immigrant communities to challenge the policy of collaboration between the Dearborn Police and ICE. We turned out nearly 200 people, along with a dozen faith and political leaders. Guess what - we won! Within the week, the Dearborn City Council ended the police contract with ICE. You can hear Rabbi Alana’s reflections on the win by following this link. 

Just last week I was honored to represent DJJ at Detroit City Council.  The coalition successfully advocated for a Resolution of Support for “Drive SAFE,” legislation giving access to drivers licenses for all Michigan residents, regardless of immigration status. I am so excited that we are building capacity to support a statewide drivers licenses for all campaign in partnership with Movimiento Cosecha.

As a Jew, I feel called to show up for our immigrant neighbors -- your gift helps make it possible. Thank you! Thank you for sustaining DJJ so that we can keep winning the Michigan we all need.

-Bobbi Spiegler, Steering Committee Member

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