This is what he's afraid of.

"When we do the hard work of community organizing, we build the world we need. That’s Trump’s worst nightmare. That's why he's tweeting so hard to divide us from our neighbors. But we’re not falling for it. We have each other’s backs, and together we will create a just world."

Photo by Asha Noor

Dear friend,

This has been a tough couple of weeks and lots of spotlight has been on Michigan. But I have a story of a BIG WIN from Detroit Jews for Justice and our partners here. This is what Trump is afraid of: We have incredible power when we don’t let him and his political machine divide us from each other. I’m so full of gratitude to everyone who made this possible. Watch and please share this video.

Watch the video

I also hope you've had a chance to read my op-ed in the Detroit Free Press. In it I declare that "[Jews]... are not going to fall for Trump’s distractions. Instead, we’re going to keep up our momentum. Detroit Jews and our allies — Muslim communities, communities of color, immigrants, the LGBTQ community — will always come together to support those, like [Congresswoman Rashida] Tlaib, who are dedicated to defeating Trump’s agenda and building a country in which all of us can have what we need." 

We're excited to celebrate this win and other victories at our inaugural Myra Wolfgang Awards, our first-ever fundraising gala. We've been saying that it's going to be the party of the year. That's only true if you're there. Register for Wolfgang at

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