Spoiler Alert: We Win

Dear friends,

We work hard to shift the balance of power, or in Purim lingo, nahafokhu -- we strive to turn things upside down. Because we fight uphill battles, the experience of winning too often eludes us.

DJJniks need Purim to let loose, to connect with each other, to welcome in new folks, and to agitate ourselves more awake.

RSVP to Purim! (it's on Tuesday!)

But we also need Purim because we need to practice winning -- to learn that it is actually possible for us, like Esther & Mordechai, to rewrite the ending -- to internalize the possibility of shaping history.

The bash is free and open to the public thanks to the generosity of friends like you. Will you give $18, $36, or $72 right now to support creative cultural organizing? The true cost per head is nearly $100/person (labor! food! venue! etc!).

Donate to DJJ!

Thank you for believing in the possibility of shaping history. See you on Tuesday!

In Hope & Hilarity,


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