Watch: "Examining Antisemitism One Year After Tree of Life Webinar"

Our friends and comrades at Bend the Arc, Carolina Jews for Justice, Jewish Community Action, Political Research Associates (& many more!) bring you an excellent resource. 

"One year since the Tree of Life shooting, hear from organizers and analysts on the front lines combating antisemitism through building solidarity and fighting for safety for all.

What is antisemitism? How is it connected to other oppressions? How does it fuel White nationalism? How is it used by Trump and other right-wing leaders to advance a racist, exclusionary policy agenda?

In this webinar, we’ll commemorate the anniversary of the Tree of Life shooting by examining these vital topics. We’ll hear from Jewish organizations on the front lines and strategize together how to confront antisemitism by building solidarity between Jews and other marginalized groups, animated by an inclusive vision of a world where everyone can thrive.

For more, see PRA’s newly published report, “Taking Aim at Multiracial Democracy: Antisemitism, White Nationalism and Anti-Immigrant Racism in the Era of Trump”, in collaboration with Bend the Arc:"

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