Towards Stable Ground

Here is our quarterly update: 

It is hard to stay oriented when so much—public health standards, cost of living, basic life tenets, etc.—feels unstable.

What we consider to be politically possible or necessary is also constantly shifting, requiring us to go in unfamiliar directions, with unknown outcomes. These times require malleability on all levels. But malleability doesn’t mean retreat; it means refusing simple answers, and striving to change the conditions of our world. And it means fostering strong relationships and communities that will make change easier, clearer. This is what we are holding as we move into the year 5783, and we see it reflected throughout DJJ. 

In 5782, we continued our years-long fights, hand in hand with our partners, for universal access to clean water, drivers licenses for all, and to keep Detroiters in their homes, to name just a few. When Roe was overturned, our base mobilized for Proposal 3, which will enshrine reproductive justice into our state constitution. We've collected more than 3,000 signatures, tabled at 13 local events, held phone banks, and invested in educating our people. Our efforts will not only secure abortion rights in Michigan, but broaden our understanding of what reproductive justice demands. We don’t know what the future will demand politically — depending on the outcome of Proposal 3, in two weeks we will either be mourning a devastating loss or celebrating a massive win.

Throughout this, DJJ experienced significant leadership transitions in 5782. We said goodbye to our incredible Deputy Director, Susannah Goodman, who can now focus on her other passions (stay tuned for delicious pottery content). In her stead we have hired Eleanor Gamalski as our incoming Deputy Director. Eleanor is a founding DJJ organizer, a movement strategy wizard, and a longtime beloved member of this community. We also hired our new Organizer for Fundraising and Communications, Solomon Medintz. We are both holding love for DJJ’s past and its main characters, and full of anticipation for the next chapter our new staff will co-create with this community. 

Not only are the faces on staff changing—so, too, is our organizational structure. We are preparing to leave the nest of our fiscal sponsorship with Congregation T’chiyah, and officially establishing our own 501c3 over the coming months! On October 9th, our new independent Board of Trustees had their first Meeting. You can learn more about our Board and see their beautiful faces on our website. Their commitment to DJJ’s future fills our hearts to the brim.

Looking ahead, we are doing everything we can to pass Proposal 3 for Reproductive Freedom in Michigan. Please sign up for the October 26th Phonebank here and stay tuned to the campaign’s homepage! To support DJJ’s ongoing work, please donate or fill out an interest form to stay connected

If you made it this far, thank you so much for taking the time to read this. We really do hope you are well.

In Solidarity,

Allie and the DJJ Team

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