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Mary Ellen is a lifelong Detroiter, who currently resides in the Palmer Woods neighborhood of Detroit. She has a B.A. in Economics from U of M, 1965, & a JD from Wayne Law School, 1974. Employed at the Detroit law firm of Sachs Waldman since 1979, where she specializes in union side labor law and political and election law.  As former vice president and now president of our amazing host congregation and fiscal sponsor, Congregation T'chiyah, she was a core driver in the founding of DJJ. She has been an active leader on our fundraising team since the beginning and also contributes legal knowledge to our Governance Team.

Syma Echeandia 

Syma.jpgI am a 74 (about to become 75 I hope) year old retired social worker who spent most of her life raising four amazing women, and working in mental health administration. I was born in Brooklyn and had a very traditional Jewish education. However, I have lived in many parts of the USA as well as in Israel and I think I have a global outlook on life. I love celebrating my Judaism by supporting progressive social policies. As a member of Congregation T’chiyah I have been involved with Detroit Jews for Justice since its inception and hope that my personal experience and energy could be of service to DJJ on the Steering Committee.

Last year I worked on the RTA (Regional Transit Authority) Campaign and the Sick Leave Campaigns as well, personally, for the 2016 elections. I will continue to work on these campaigns as they roll out this year, concentrating on Macomb County whenever possible.

I also had the opportunity to take the course Don’t Kvetch- Organize. The course had a profound effect on my thinking and understanding on how to approach organizing when confronted with social issues that require serious intervention and also enabled me to cope with the results of the election. I have been working with the Grace Lee & James Boggs Center on developing a Breaking the Silence group in Macomb County. This has proved to be a daunting task! I get much of my psychic energy through the contacts I have at DJJ with amazing people who care about our community and region.

Marni Falk 

marni.jpgI have been a proud leader in DJJ since its very beginning in 2014. The Detroit Jews for Justice community is one that makes my life in Detroit complete, and I am honored to serve as a leader among so many inspiring and incredible individuals. I came to DJJ with a variety of organizing experience through Habonim Dror and various social justice organizations at the University of Michigan. I have been a community organizer in various ways for over a decade! With DJJ, I have served as Education Justice Liaison (as a Detroit Public Schools teacher and union activist myself), Orientation coordinator, fundraising gelter, member of the Meta-Organizing Work group (aka MEOW), and many other committees. I am proud of my role in helping shape the organization we have grown into. Because of my experience as a DJJ leader and activist, I know that I have an important perspective that will be helpful in steering committee. I am excited to think about more big-picture perspectives on where we are headed as DJJ and how we can continue to make an even better impact with our partners in Detroit. I welcome the opportunity to continue helping shape this truly incredible organization with all of you!

Emiko Hayashi

Emiko currently spends her days as an Account Manager with Veoneer, a company that provides mobility and technology products related to autonomous driving. In this role, she combines project management, negotiation, and contract administration skills. Prior to her career in Sales, she spent 10 years in the legal industry as a legal assistant and attorney, and enjoys providing legal representation on tax matters on a pro bono basis. Emiko first became involved with DJJ by volunteering for the Purim Extravaganza in 2018. The combination of social justice, community, and celebration was an irresistible mixture, and she soon started attending General Meetings and eventually co-chaired the inaugural Myra Wolfgang Award ceremony. She is currently enrolled in an MBA program, where she studies finance, leadership, and other exciting subjects. Her place of worship is Congregation Shir Tikvah, where she serves on the Religious Rituals Committee.

Barry Rubin 

barry.jpgMy passion is for learning; my thought is for planning; and my heart is for action. My meaning in life is derived from a Jewish/Existential sense of responsibility for social justice. So who am I? Where am I?

Hineni (Here I am)-For 48 years I pursued social justice as an educator: a teacher, principal, leadership coach and school improvement facilitator.

Hineni (Here I am)-For most of my years I have been a big picture person with leadership skills who listens and understands the human need to develop meaningful relationships. As a member of various communities I trusted others and they in turn entrusted me to chair the board of Lighthouse PATH (of Oakland County), to lead the Pontiac Education Association PAC and to lead Congregation Shir Tikvah as its President .

Hineni (Here I am)-For 48 years my source of love and loving has been as a spouse, then as a parent and then as a grandparent.

Hineni (Here I am)- For 1.5 years with DJJ I have listened, learned, questioned, planned, created, rallied and marched as we’ve sought water justice, joined with the Poor People’s Campaign and sought to learn more about confronting racism.

Hineni (Here I am)-I am a learner, a planner, an activist, hoping, with your support, to nurture and help lead our beloved, multi-generational, Jewish organization to collaboratively achieve the social justice we seek.

Bobbi Spiegler

Bobbi has identified as an activist her whole life. Beginning her venture in activism protesting the Vietnam War in 1969 and finding herself revolting through the decades with the second wave of feminism, civil rights marches, against apartheid in South Africa, fighting for LGBTQ rights and union rights. Her involvement and support of her communities and their inevitable overlapping interests inspired her to become a Michigan social worker in 1990, where she continued her record of fighting for the disenfranchised. Bobbi has traveled to six continents including Poland in Eastern Europe, which returned her to her Jewish identity and faith. She has been a member of Congregation T’Chiyah and Detroit Jews for Justice since April 2017 because of its commitment to social justice and association with Black Lives Matter. Bobbi was elected to DJJ’s CAT (Campaign Advisory Team) and served for one year. She is an active retiree in the UAW Local 6000, a sustaining member of the Grosse Pointe Council of Jewish Families. Bobbi has lead immigrant rights work within DJJ since September 2019.

Emma Wine 

emma.pngI am currently in 12th grader at the Roeper School. I joined DJJ as an eighth grader during the push to get paid sick leave on the Michigan ballot. I was thrown right into petitioning and found a welcoming community where I would learn and grow as an organizer, and as a person. Over the past 4 years I have learned so much from my involvement in DJJ and from the people I have formed relationships with. I have also witnessed the organization grow and evolve but stay true to what it was when I joined: committed to relationships, accountability, and tackling systematic injustice. I am an active member of the water campaign team and have been involved with DJJ in various other ways over the past couple years, like through planning the Festival of Rights and attending workshops. I also have an organizing perspective outside of this organization through my experience working for a political candidate and as a Regional Youth Intern at Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion. As an older member in terms of involvement, as well as one of the youngest DJJ members by age, I'm excited to bring a perspective that is both reflective and forward looking. During the Shabbaton a group of DJJniks gathered for this past spring, I joined a small gathering to discuss the question: what could DJJ look like in five years? The possibilities excited me and I look forward to many more of these conversations as a member of the steering committee.

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