Shine a light on the right to water

Photo Credit: Antonio Rafael

In celebration of International Human Rights Day, our partners at the People’s Water Board braved the freezing cold. They shouted to Detroit and to the world: “Water is a Human Right”. In lights!

When I saw the coverage in the Detroit News I could see the faces of our beloved allies and DJJ leaders poking out from underneath their winter hats. That’s Barry! And Reb Moshe! I felt so proud to see DJJniks standing among this group of incredible activists.

I’m inspired every day by the dedication of our leaders to this work. An activated and energized core of DJJniks consistently show up for strategy sessions, demonstrations, and lead education initiatives to bring more people on-board. I’m honored to support them as they continue to develop the skills and build the relationships that allow them to contribute meaningfully in the struggle for water justice.

Our Jewish tradition is clear: Mayim Chayim - Water Is Life. If we can find the money to build fancy new stadiums, we ought to be able to guarantee water access to Detroiters. This is not an issue of finding money - it is a matter of building political will. And that’s just what DJJ does - we activate and equip Metro Detroit Jews to be educators and organizers, building regional solidarity in the fight against water shut-offs. 

Thank you for making it possible for Jews to show up so fully in this movement for human dignity.

In solidarity,

Allie Zeff

Community Organizer

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What’s coming up?

  • Join DJJ and the Downtown Synagogue  at the Repair the World Workshop on January 9th from 7-9 PM for a Screening of “From Paris to Pittsburgh” a film about climate change followed by a talk back from a local environmental organizer, Kathryn Savoie.
  • Join us at our next General Meeting on Tuesday January 21st.  RSVP here to get more details.
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