DJJ's Service Project with One Michigan

DJJ's service project to help One Michigan renovate their new office building as a space fully equipped for their organizational activities, planning for youth leaders, and a learning environment open to the children of metro Detroit was a success! 
The project was coordinated through Zach, our Repair the World Fellow, who is dedicated to helping DJJ incorporate meaningful service into our broader work of racial and economic justice. All of the volunteers who came out to help were able to engage in service and talk with the organizers of One Michigan about their work.  They all learned some crucial context about One Michigan's previous work and the current immigrant rights situation of Detroit. Did you know that One Michigan was a key organization in getting the Obama administration to implement DACA? 
(Interested in learning more about DACA? Check out this link.) 
Throughout the few hours of service all of our volunteers were able to help One Michigan organize and clean their new office space as well as sort through all of their supplies (such as Christmas party supplies and extra winter coats) necessary for the numerous events and activities they host throughout the year. It was a great time of service, learning, and commitment to one of our partners. 
Interested in getting involved in service opportunities through DJJ and Repair the World? Email our fellow, Zach, at [email protected]
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