staff.jpgI’ve been privileged to attend several programs hosted by the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable, a national umbrella of organizations seeking to advance social justice from a Jewish perspective. Last month’s JSJR Network Assembly was even more special as my incredible colleagues, Eleanor and Valeriya, staff we were able to hire only because of your past support, participated with me.

There we were, in full force, in a space full of mentors, sisters, aunties, and grandmothers, representing the young, but mighty, Detroit Jews for Justice and the powerful movement we are building in our region. Taking a deep dive into the many ways we are all doing justice Jewishly was powerfully inspiring; we returned home nourished, fortified, and resolved to double-down in advancing racial, economic, and social justice in metro Detroit.

As they say in Yiddish, I’m kvelling— I am proud and humbled to be leading Detroit Jews for Justice at this extraordinary critical time. I am beyond grateful for your belief in the value of this work and for providing the crucial and essential financial support. We can’t say it enough: thank you!! And thank you for considering renewing your gift.

Something else happened at the gathering: we connected with colleagues who are from Metro Detroit. We gave them buttons and told them about our intergenerational community, our deep campaign work, our educational programming, and our creative holiday parties. I was moved to see that they were moved. One of these expats said, “if DJJ had been around when I was growing up, maybe I would still be there.”

We are changing the Jewish community in Metro Detroit. Whether it is bringing Detroit voices into synagogues, teaching at Limmud, or writing in the Jewish News, we are shifting the conversation and priorities of the community we love. And we are creating a pathway for activists to connect with their Jewishness. Lord knows, we need all the spiritual and cultural resource we can find in a time like this...

I feel proud -- so proud, that I feel ready to ask for your support. Our Higher & Chai-er campaign to raise $36,000 by year-end is off to a great start! Can you help us reach our goal?

Being at the Roundtable Assembly gave us space to notice just how much we have built these last few years. “We” includes “you.” Thank you!





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