My First #GivingTuesday with DJJ

Ne’ilah here, filling in for Rabbi Alana while she futzes with the cloth diapers. It’s my first #GivingTuesday and I wanted to make sure I spent it in good company with all of you. 

R’Alana recently read Lydia Wylie-Kellermann’s “Why is Grandpa in Jail?” to me. She told me about how, when I was still referred to as “the kugel,” we got arrested for shutting down the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality for its role in poisoning our communities.

by Tommy Airey

In her piece, Lydia writes,

How do we fix this?

How can we love one another?

How can I be better?

Listen, I know I’m only 2 months old, but those questions are REALLY exciting to me. R’Alana and I live 2.5 miles from Detroit’s incinerator, and in a city where 1 in 10 people had their water shut off last year. We got arrested because there’s a lot of fixing and loving that we and our neighbors have to do. I'm really hoping y'all get some of this stuff under control by the time I'm able to understand it. R’Alana tells me that would require some righteous grassroots fundraising.

Detroit Jews for Justice, R’Alana’s primary vehicle for fixing and loving, doesn’t really have an infant program yet. Until then, please make a gift to DJJ.  It seems like y’all have a good thing going, and I really hope it’s around when I’m old enough to call my rep, illustrate a zine, or hold up a protest sign with you.



PS Unless I'm napping, catch me at Sunday evening's Hannukah water justice gathering downtown at Campus Martius. RSVP here!


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