Current Campaigns

At DJJ we hold many partnerships with the greater organizing community in Detroit.

Every year we ask our partners about their political plans, and take a wide-lens look at the local political landscape of Detroit. Then we synthesize those responses, and our staff and leaders come together to commit to honing in on a handful of particularly important issues.

This year we are creating two committees — Housing & Development and Environmental Justice — to focus our impact and build cohesive teams around key issues facing Detroiters. Contact [email protected] if you are interested in getting involved with either committee!

Housing and Development
We are in a housing crisis; everyone knows it and feels it. We need more, better, cheaper housing, and lots of it. And yet we know that we are not going to solve the housing crisis through luxury one-bedroom condos. As money pours into Detroit, we support the groups fighting for residents and neighborhoods and against corporations profiting from development. 

Coalition for Property Tax JusticeWith the Coalition for Property Tax Justice, we are working to make sure no occupied homes get foreclosed, to stop over assessment of property taxes, and compensate Detroiters who were overtaxed.

Detroit People's Platform: We are fighting with Detroit People's Platform against property tax breaks for corporate developers, for community benefits agreements that protect neighborhood residents, and for a city that serves its majority Black population. 

Rent is Too Damn HighOn a state level, we are fighting to repeal the statewide pre-emption on rent control, to fund social housing and people experiencing or at risk of homelessness, and pass a renter's bill of rights. 

Detroiters for Tax JusticeWe are fighting to make sure our tax dollars are going to our public institutions—schools, libraries, transit—instead of tax captures for wealthy developers.

And more! If there are housing and development organizations that you want DJJ to work with, let us know!

Environmental Justice

We are fighting alongside environmental justice communities for fair access to the natural resources we all need to lead healthy lives. 

People's Water Board CoalitionFor years, we have partnered with PWBC to advocate for a statewide moratorium on water shutoffs and a program to ensure people's water bills never exceed 3% of their income.

Michigan Environmental Justice CoalitionWe are working with MEJC to build rate-payer clinics, building solidarity and power among rate-payers, so we can hold DTE accountable. 

Soulardarity: We are working to advocate for the needs of rate-payers at the Michigan Public Service Commission. 

Detroit ActionDTE wields its influence in state politics, and reaps the benefits. We are working to limit the influence DTE has on our state politics to level the playing field. 

Oil and Water Don't Mix: We are fighting to make Enbridge Shut Down Line 5! Line 5 is illegal, as Enbridge, an active threat to the Great Lakes, and doesn't even serve Michiganders. We can't let Enbridge build a new pipeline under the Mackinac Straights. 

And more! If there are environmental justice organizations that you want DJJ to work with, let us know!

Other partnerships

While we don't have committees around these issues, our leaders and staff are also organizing around other issues, including: 

   - Creating a statewide office of disability justice with Detroit Disability Power
   - Securing Driver's Licenses for All with the Drive Michigan Forward Coalition and Cosecha Michigan
   - Advocating for higher wages for bus drivers with Transit Riders United