The Art of Purim

Wherein we share about the wizards designing and building beautiful visuals for Purim. 

A superb team is curating the sets, props, puppets, and costumes that will bring the Purim story to bright, vibrant life. With the support of our Producer Lindsay McCaw, these fine folks are on the art team: Kira Appleman, Raya Samet, Hannah Lewis, Zach Kolodziej, AJ Aaron, Susannah Goodman & Eitan Sussman.

We'll also be launching some new merch at Purim! We'll be selling DJJ-themed mugs & stickers designed and created by Raya Samet and Hannah Lewis, with support from Lauren Fine. 

Below are photos of the first art build of the Purim season. 



I got a chance to ask the artists about what attendees could expect from the art. In a "popcorn" shareback where thoughts were blurted joyously into the room, I picked up some delicious snippets of conversation. I share them now in order to give you a better sense of the beautiful textures to come:

“...glorious cardboard…”

“we’re building an unrecognizable yet clear vision of Detroit…”

“archaic Persian, medieval dystopian Detroit…”

“lots of puns and fences… knives involved”

“sparkly water that looks like Tequila”


The next few art builds are going to take place at the back room of Iyengar Yoga Detroit (2321 Caniff Avenue, Hamtramck) -- mark your calendars for: 

Thursday March 14, 6-9
Sunday March 17, 2-5

You can RSVP to the art builds to [email protected] or (248) 802-5302 

That's all for now. Between now and the 19th, you can help us make sure that this event comes to fruition at its full potential by doing two things:

  1. RSVP! Even if you think we know you're coming, RSVP!
  2. Volunteer to help with logistics by emailing [email protected]
Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.