Our Executive Director, Allie Zeff's remarks at Reproductive Rights Rally June 24th, 2022

Our ED, Allie Zeff was asked to speak at the Rapid Response Rally in Downtown Detroit on the day Roe vs. Wade was overturned by our supreme court on June 24th, 2022.  Below are her remarks and pictures from the event:


My name is Allie, I’m the executive director of Detroit Jews for Justice.  Like all of you, I’m feeling deeply angry, and fearful for the future that my child will inherit. I’m also feeling a deep sense of calm and hope to be here with all of you, renewing our commitment to the fight for reproductive justice and bodily autonomy. We see this decision for what it is. It is not a singular attack, but part of larger attempt to enforce white, patriarchal christian theocracy. As a Jewish woman, I feel so lucky to be a part of a tradition that values my emotional and physical well being above all else. Our tradition teaches, lev yodea marat nafsho; the heart knows the bitterness of its soul — only we can know the depth, meaning, and significance of the choices we make about our bodies; and it is our right to be able to make those decisions with safe, legal abortion as an option. If you’ve got petitions for folks to sign, raise em up high!  Soon, when we've collected enough signatures, it will be time to get our people to the ballot box and vote YES to protect reproductive freedom. This is an action you can take right now to protect reproductive rights in Michigan! This fight is far from over, and your presence here tonight is proof of that.  Keep up the fight, keep up the pressure, and don’t ever become comfortable with this reality. 


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