Allie and Gabe on the D15 Day of Action


If we asked you the current minimum wage in the state of Michigan, how confident would you be in your answer? On November 29th, we joined hundreds of protesters outside of a McDonalds on Detroit’s west side who know the answer all too well.  That shit is $8.50. 

Many of Detroit’s fast food and child care workers earn only the state’s required $8.50 an hour, hardly enough to support a family at a subsistence level. The D15 campaign seeks to raise the minimum wage for these workers to $15 an hour in the city of Detroit, joining related campaigns being waged in cities across the nation.  As we stood outside chanting and marching we were struck by the incredible turnout and the diversity of the group which included union workers, fast food employees, child care providers, and of course DJJers. We believe the D15 campaign is going places and we want to be there when it does. In fact, we want to be everywhere. Whether it’s raising money for Standing Rock, canvassing for water rights, or Schlepping for Transit, November 8th was a clear signal that it’s time to put our Netflix habit on hold and fight the good fight every day and every night. The end.

DJJ Leaders, Allie Zeff and Gabe Slabosky

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    The cold-hearted Hardee’s CEO that Trump wants to head the U.S. Department of Labor says $10 an hour for fast food workers is too much and he’d like to replace more employees with robots. This fight may get harder but we can’t stop speaking up! Thank you for your leadership, Detroit Jews for Justice — and Allie and Gabe in particular.