Alison Chan's Purim Reflections

Last Sunday, I attended DJJ’s Purim Extravaganza at Ant Hall. I was excited to see so many people attending, both celebrating our victories and viciously mocking those who are acting to tear us down (as Detroiters, and as people working to end unconstitutional tax foreclosures).


Geulah and Aaron [spiel co-authors] and the whole cast put on a spiel that made me laugh so hard my head hurt, and it inspired me to see Professor Bernadette Atuahene again. I had met her once at the Sukkot and Stategraft event last fall, where she told her story (which she reiterated at the Purim Extravaganza) of coming into Detroit to do research on the tax foreclosure crisis, and staying here to do activism because she never imagined the extent and the unconstitutionality of it. I admire that sort of dedication.

This was the first Purim spiel I’ve ever attended. The idea of raising awareness and making a call to action through satire reminded me of TV shows like Last Week Tonight and The Daily Show. I think it’s an effective strategy. May we all work toward a world in which, instead of satirizing the injustices present in the world, we laugh at the suggestion that they could exist at all!

Alison Chan is a food delivery driver in the suburbs, and a bus stop mapper and nonprofit tech maven in the city. They currently live in Farmington Hills.

*Editor's Note: Missed us for Purim? Check out the video of our Purim spiel on DJJ's Facebook! Photo above by Tony Eggert.

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