The 9th Night of Hannukah

On the 1st night of Hannukah, we gathered downtown to declare our solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of Detroiters who have suffered inhumane water shut offs. We reflected on the miracle of light, and what action such abundance calls us to.

The newly victorious Jews of the Hannukah story beheld the miraculously-burning oil in the restored Temple but didn’t assume it was endless. They hustled to produce new cruses of holy oil for the 9th day, and the 10th, and the 11th.

This is our belief about organizing--that just as essential as the loud battles are the quiet ones, the preparations, and the gathering of resources that makes sustainable victory possible. While the Maccabees trained, they fundraised from merchants and supporters to build fortifications. It was this time of organizing that led to complete triumph by Shavuot -- six months after the miracle of light.

This Hanukkah I’m giving to DJJ to support our movement for the long haul. I’ll be asking my friends and family to consider this holiday not just one of latkes and sufganiyot, but an essential call to action to fight for tomorrow.

I hope you’ll join me by donating right now. With your support we can increase our light for the 9th day of Hanukkah, for the 10th, and all to come.

Chag Urim Sameach,

Dan Klein

DJJ Culture & Technology Fellow

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PPS Word about town is that Ne’ilah Maqav Alpert’s message was the cutest Giving Tuesday email ever :)

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