3x5 Things to Know About the Water Affordability Legislation

Our very own Rondi Brower created this helpful cheat sheet for understanding the current Water Affordability legislation. Check it out!

Five things to know: 

  1. Water is a human right. No one should have their water shut off because of an inability to pay. 
  2. The Great Lakes Water Affordability and Detroit Water and Sewage Department have access to the federal government's Low Income Houshold Water Assistance Plan (LIHWAP), but funding is insufficient. 
  3. Michigan's energy utilities have an assistance fund, the MI Energy Assistance Program (MEAP), started by a Republican governor. Water utilities do not. Proposed legislation changes that. 
  4. Water Affordability has been DJJ's longest standing campaign, and we have added meaningful capacity to the People's Water Board Coalition's efforts. 
  5. This is the closest we've ever been to passing the legislation. And depending on November's election results, this may be our last chance for years. 

Five bills in the legislative package: 

  1. Creating the Affordability program
  2. Creating the Affordability fund
  3. Protecting against shutoffs
  4. Protecting tenants from landlord negligence
  5. Decriminalizing turning your water back on

Five ways to help: 

  1. Go to Lansing with the Sierra Club on May 15th
  2. Join DJJ for our monthly lunchtime phonebanks
  3. Join DJJ for our monthly evening phonebanks
  4. Get your friends, especially in Macomb County, to sign the on-line petition in support for the water affordability legislative package
  5. Sign the petition yourself
Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.