DJJ Goes to Tzedek Lab

On the first weekend of March, a few of us flew to the Twin Cities to attend the Midwest & South Convening of Tzedek Lab. Here are some of our reflections on our experiences...

From Valeriya, DJJ Program Associate:

This was my first experience in a space that I felt truly embodied the principles of Emergent Strategy. The songful, local-food-full, and overall nourishing weekend left a lifelong impression on me. I am so grateful to the facilitators, Dove Kent, Koach Baruch Frazier, and Helen Bennett, for their love and rigor. At every turn, they created more possibility for relationship and course correction. Our movement has incredible people at the helm. I left the retreat with a greater sense of the kinds of risks that we and our partners across the region could be taking. Rabbi Alana led a moving Saturday morning service that left me feeling lucky that I get to daven regularly with this spiritual teacher. I am so excited to see where this burgeoning network goes in the years of relationship ahead of us. 

From Lauren Fine, DJJ Jewish Communal Leadership Program intern:

Tzedek Lab was a weekend experience of political education, community building, and spiritual nourishment. I had the opportunity to learn from progressive Jewish leaders in their communities across the midwest and south, hearing stories of their challenges and successes. I was continually humbled by the thoughtful reflections of other attendees and inspired by the hope we collectively fostered as a group. Tzedek Lab is one of the few Jewish spaces where I was productively challenged on the topic of race and the experiences of Jews of Color. I left feeling mentally engaged, spiritually full, and emotionally open. 

From Danny Kaplan, former organizer at Jewish Council on Urban Affairs, current DJJ leader, and student of the Jewish Communal Leadership Program:
Tzedek Lab was a transformational experience for me. I connected with incredible organizers, leaders, and visionaries across the country who are forging a path toward a liberated world without white supremacy or antisemitism. Together we shared vision, tools, and strategy for building a winning movement. I'm leaving Tzedek Lab with a great deal of hope that Jewish communities can overcome the internal and external threats of white supremacy.
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    Beautiful testimonies! I am so glad that DJJniks had such an amazing opportunity to enhance their knowledge and experiences.