Supporting ourselves and others in a fight for democracy.

Take a breath. We made it past election day - and we got here together. I'm in awe of the dozens of DJJniks who fought for the rights of voters at the polls, who canvassed and called and texted to motivate more voters in Michigan, and for the team of Rabbis who have been amplifying the message: every person matters, every vote should count. We’re all better off when more eligible Americans—Black, Brown, and white—are able to vote.

We will stand together to ensure every vote is counted, our communities are protected, and we have a chance to build the future we want. We continue to fight for the democracy we deserve.

On Saturday at 2:00pm, in conjunction with the nationwide day of action, DJJ and Michigan Fights Back will take to the streets once more to celebrate our wins and demand that the results are respected. Register below to march with the DJJ crew.



We are just getting started. We are faced with greater opportunity to advance the work of racial and economic justice than we've known ever before. The fruits of this organizing season include record voter turnout, unprecedented coalition-building, newly activated friends and family - we are obligated to channel the energy of this moment into our campaigns for water, housing, and immigration justice.

We are in this for the long haul. As Rabbi Alana proclaimed at the Count Every Vote rally yesterday:

"It's going to take a lot of organizing to reclaim our souls. and I'm speaking to you now as organizers and activists - this may not be over today or tomorrow or next week or next year. This is a movement not a moment - I am begging you to take care of yourselves and each other."

Support right now, or any time you need it - 5-minute ritual practices for grounding, emotional self-regulation guide for the toughest moments.

Image: DJJniks at the 11/4 Count Every Vote Rally in Detroit


Susannah Goodman

Deputy Director

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