Speaking Out Against Lame Duck




Today, DJJ worker rights co-liaison Hayley Sakwa joined our partners in We the People-MI, rallying at the Capitol and submitting public comment to a hearing on SB 1175 & 1171. This fall, citizen ballot initiatives for strong legislation on paid sick time and increased minimum wage collected enough signatures to get on the ballot. However, the legislature rammed these bills through on their own, before the citizens could have a say, so they could proceed to severely roll back the protections they would offer Michigan workers. 




Hayley also delivered a stack of handwritten letters to the Governor's office that we wrote at our "Illuminating Water Justice" Hanukkah gathering on Sunday. With personal messages, we told the governor to veto SB 1175 & 1171, as these gutted bills do not provide the paid sick time and living wage that Michiganders want, deserve, and have pursued through the democratic process. We the People-Mi will continue rallying all week against the shameful policies being pushed forward in the lame duck session, visit here to learn more and to sign up to take action ASAP.

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