We're a Hazon Seal of Sustainability Site!

Hazon-Detroit has been supporting us in making our events and general operations more sustainable. DJJ is proud to be doing this work as a Hazon Seal of Sustainability site.

We're stoked about building a green team, auditing our current practices, and integrating new ways of executing our core principles by being mindful stewards of the Earth. As a seal site, we're particularly excited about sourcing more food from local vendors and diverting waste from Detroit's incinerator (learn more about the environmental crimes of the incinerator through Breathe Free Detroit). 

The 2018 seal cohort includes other Jewish organizations from across the country. Here in Detroit, Hazon staff Brittany has been our point person and we are grateful for all of her support. The inter-organizational skill-sharing that comes with the seal program is fabulous and we're excited to see what we can accomplish collectively in our first year of being a seal site. 

infographic.pngimage source: https://hazon.org/seal/

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