Rabbi Alana's Remarks at Women's March Michigan

Rabbi Alana was one of the many powerful leaders to speak at the Women's March Michigan last month. 

You can watch or read her remarks below.

The video below is the full lineup of speakers. You can find Rabbi Alana's words from 11:45 to 14:25.

View the transcript below:

Since today is the Jewish Sabbath,

I want to start with the traditional greeting. Please repeat after me: Shabbat Shalom.

[crowd] Shabbat Shalom!

You might be familiar with the word Shalom when it is translated as peace or hello -

but the word Shalom also comes from the root of “whole”, or “wholeness”,

and that is my wish for us today and for this movement going forward

is that we get to be “whole”

and being whole means being messy

it means making mistakes,

it means showing up for each other even if we are hurt, confused, or even angry.

To be whole is to be real.

I want to bless us with the courage & patience that it takes to build these messy movements. I want you to turn to the person next to you and say "I'm gonna build a messy movement with you."

[crowd chatters]

Say "I'm gonna show up for you!" 

"And I'm gonna hold you accountable."

and the last part, "with love."

[crowd chatters]

may we become more blessed, more whole, through joint struggle towards a more just world. - amen

[crowd: Amen! And cheers]

Our next speaker recently reached out to me

after the news that in Pittsburgh

11 Jews were killed in prayer by a White Supremacist. 

He asked what he could do to support my community.

I was so touched that someone whose people is under daily threat reached out to offer his solidarity.


I told him that what he could do to was continue his amazing work for justice. It’s my honor to introduce Dr. Abdul Al-Sayeed.

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