Hayley on Why You Should Fight for 15 on Labor Day!

A D15 organizer said it best when he said "Labor Day isn't actually about BBQs; it's about workers...although they go well together."

The workers that we honor on Labor Day are struggling. They're struggling to pay their family's bills on a minimum wage paycheck, while corporate executives make billions. They're struggling to build marketable skills at a low wage job that only prepares you for other low wage jobs. And they're struggling to fight for worker rights when they don't have a union to represent their needs. 


This Labor Day weekend, the best way we can honor workers is to join them in the struggle. Organized by D15, Detroit's Fight for $15 chapter, hundreds will be striking to fight for the right to living wages and union organizing. Walking off the job is a scary, brave move - and having community support and turn out makes all the difference.

Let's show up early Labor Day morning to honor Detroit workers, and to signal to our corporate and political leaders that Michigan's minimum wage doesn't work for workers.

Join the DJJ crew for bagels at 6:30am at my home, 120 Seward as we walk over together to the morning protest. It will be followed by a Labor Day rally at 8am. Call or text me at 248 508 0558 if you plan to make it.

You'll have plenty of time to nap before your BBQs afterwards, at which you can truly talk about what Labor Day means to all of us. See you there!

- Hayley 

hayley.jpgHayley Sakwa grew up in West Bloomfield and now lives in Detroit. She is a Workers Rights Liaison to DJJ.

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