Rabbi Alana and Rev. Wylie-Kellerman's joint Rosh Hashanah sermon published

Rabbi Alana and Rev. Wylie-Kellerman's joint Rosh Hashanah sermon at Congregation T'chiyah was published in Tikkun. Rabbi Alana spoke about what our tradition brings to our activism. The Reverend spoke about his decision to fight for water justice through civil disobedience and go to trial. 

Here's a quote from Rabbi Alana's opening remarks: "As we sat...discussing the strategic and moral implications of the choices we might make next, one of our young leaders said something which surprised me: 'Whatever we do, I want to do it Jewishly.' Doing something Jewishly can mean a lot of things — it could mean reflecting on Jewish history or drawing on Jewish spiritual practice. When I asked what he meant, he said 'I want the choice I make to be rooted in Jewish thought.'"

Here are some of Rev. Wylie-Kellerman's words: "Just as I’m prayerful and conscious of my heart and intent in doing an action, so I always try to stay conscious of making a trial something of a gift to the movement for justice. As a place where truth is honored and spoken, where one may testify to the deepest of motivations,  it can even take on the form of liturgy."

Read the full sermon here

You can read more from Rev. Wylie-Kellerman on his blog, Radical Discipleship.

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