Fundraising is Organizing!

Trying to win one of two LIMITED edition DJJ Fanny Packs?

  • Are you all in? Are you sharing DJJ to as many people as possible?
    • Forward DJJ’s fundraising emails to as many people as possible.
    • Share, interact, comment on as many DJJ social posts as you can.
    • The person who forwarded emails to the most people and shared, interacted with the most social posts and submitted it in the Google Form.
  • How else can you win? Play the raffle game!
    • Forward a DJJ fundraising email to 3 people = 1 Raffle Ticket
    • 1 DJJ social media post/story share = 1 Raffle Ticket
    • 1 DJJ social media post comment = 1 Raffle Ticket
    • 1 DJJ social media post interaction (like, love, care, haha, wow) = 1 Raffle Ticket
    • Every Raffle ticket you earn from your Google Form submissions goes in a bowl and we’ll pick one winner.

Once you’ve shared, forwarded, and interacted with social media to your heart’s content, fill out this google form to enter the contests.  

What can you expect from DJJ?

DJJ sends out a fundraising email and social media post once a week! You might have already received some from Rabbi Alana, Kendra and Lori. Look out for more through the end of December.

People give to people, not organizations.
Your personal message introducing DJJ and why you care matters!

Writer’s block? Here’s some resources to help you get started
Click here for a sample email you can send
Click here for inspiration 
Click here for a list of: What did DJJ do in 2020, Campaign Updates & What does a gift to DJJ do.

Share DJJ’s 2019-2020 Annual Report


Where can people donate?

Share our social posts!
Follow DJJ on Facebook
Follow DJJ on Instagram

Don't hesitate to reach out to Blythe ([email protected] or (248) 961-2549) for any questions or extra help!

Questions and Answers

Can I try to win one fanny pack through both contests/methods?
Yes, but only one fanny pack per person. The Google Form automatically enters you into both contests.

How are you tracking who’s doing what?
We’re not. We trust what you enter into the Google Forms. 

When will winners be announced?
First week of January 2021

Where can I find the Google Form?
Starting tomorrow: DJJ’s Blog, DJJ’s Social Media Pages, the Hanukkah Ruckus Follow up Email and the Weekly Leader’s Email.

Can I buy a fanny pack?
Yes, but not right now.
Next year, be on the lookout!

How many times should I fill in the form?
Fill in the form once at the end of the contest by by 11:59pm ET Monday, January 4, 2021

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.