Climate Change & Consciousness

Rabbi Moshe Givental recently travelled to the UK to join the Extinction Rebellion protests. 

"My step-grandfather, the last of my grandparents, died on the day I left home to get on a plane for the Climate Change and Consciousness 2019 (CCC19) conference in Findhorn, Scotland. It felt painfully appropriate to be thinking about grief at this time, as our modern western society continues to poison human communities, and entire ecosystems of other life, from Detroit and Flint to the Amazon. The murder of people and destruction of our shared habitat, seem to weave themselves into a tight cord, with Climate Change as simply one expression of this in its most feverish pitch."

Continue reading the full version of his reflections on his blog.

Rabbi Moshe Givental is a lover of G-d, people, animals, and all living things. A former  psychotherapist, he is dedicated to deep listening, the healing potential of relationships, and the transformative power of difficult conversations.  As an immigrant from the Soviet Union, he is a skeptic by nature. However, as a student of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel z'l, he is also continuously awed by the majesty of nature and human potential! Rabbi Moshe is passionate about helping all Jews find ways to uncover the wisdom of our ancient tradition, develop more meaningful Jewish lives, and become more fulfilled human beings. He also feels very fortunate to work along side clergy of all faiths, and other community leaders, on behalf on social justice.

Rabbi Moshe is also a climate activist, working with all communities to help them rediscover the sacred within the Earth and respond to the destruction of Climate Change in healing, creative, and resilient ways. 

Rabbi Moshe was ordained by the pluralistic Rabbinic School of Hebrew College.

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