Here is the mass email we sent out the day after Election day: 


In early 2022, our community made the decision that we would go all in on passing Proposal 3 for Reproductive Freedom. And our leaders moved quickly and intentionally, turning out in droves to push for this crucial initiative. It bears repeating over and over how proud we are that DJJ-niks collected more than 3,000 signatures, tabled at 14 local events, held phone banks, leveraged the tools of relational organizing, and invested in educating our people. Now, that decision has been absolutely vindicated: reproductive freedom is enshrined in our State’s constitution. Hand in hand with our partners, we did it. 

Once Prop 3 was solidified on the ballot, we turned our sights on getting out the vote for reproductive freedom, Promote the Vote, and the SMART transit millage. We’ve never had a morning quite like this at DJJ, where we saw all our efforts succeed. Using the energy behind Proposal 3, we scored huge wins all across Michigan, in particular state legislative gains that haven’t been seen in generations. Our partners’ campaigns—drivers licenses for all and statewide water affordability to name just two—feel more winnable. Yesterday’s results have allowed us to dream big; our potential impact is greater than it has ever been.  

This morning our Staff celebrated the sweetness of victory over baked goods. We gave big hugs and danced little dances with our comrades at our office space. We let ourselves truly feel the unfamiliar happiness of a win, as we sang:

Ashreinu ma tov chelkeinu umah naim goralinu umah yafah y'rushateinu

We are fortunate, how good is our portion, how pleasant our lot, and how beautiful our heritage.

I’ll say it one more time: WE DID IT!  Donate to support our work organizing Metro Detroit Jews to support the critical local social movements.  We have a lot more winning to do.


Allie Zeff and the DJJ Team

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