Canvas to Prevent Tax Foreclosures!

Join DJJ and the Coalition for Property Tax Justice for one final push to prevent owner-occupied property tax foreclosures in 2023!

It’s complicated, but here’s the situation:

Wayne County Treasurer Eric Sabree committed to the Coalition that no owner-occupied homes would be foreclosed in 2023. That promise was mostly held up, with the exception of ~600 homes. Treasurer Sabree made a deal with the Coalition that if we could connect those ~600 with the county before May 20th, they would be taken off the foreclosure list. Unfortunately Treasurer Sabree took away access to the homes’ phone numbers, so canvassing is our best chance to reach them.

The Eastside Community Network is knocking ~300 doors on the east side, and DJJ is bottom-lining canvassing the ~300 homes on the west side. We think we can hit every home in one day, but we need 20 canvassers to do so. Here’s our math:

20 canvassers = 10 pairs --> 30 homes/pair --> 300 doors knocked
Can you join us and knock 30 doors on Saturday May 13th?

We don’t like scheduling events on Shabbat, but it is our best chance to mobilize 20 canvassers. Can’t go on the 13th, but want to canvass? We also have a canvas going out on May 17th from 5-7. That doesn't work for you either? Email Solomon ([email protected]), and they will set you up with a buddy to go on a different day.

Day-of schedule: Come to TechTown at for training --> Go knock on 30 doors with a partner --> Come back to TechTown to tell us how it went --> Disperse

Other important info:

Training -- We’ll have a recorded training folks can watch beforehand, or you can show up and learn everything there is to know on the day-of!

How to make sure people know you aren’t from the bank/government -- we’ll have T-shirts that say “Coalition for Property Tax Justice”

The homes we’ll be canvassing will be clustered, but there will still be some driving between locations

Bring a friend! Canvassing is always more fun with a buddy. Friends will be provided if you can’t bring your own though

Any other questions? Email Solomon ([email protected])!



May 17, 2023 at 5:00pm - 7pm



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Sat, May 13:
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