How Bend the Arc Showed Up for DACA This Week


We were so inspired by our comrades at Bend the Arc for demonstrating at the Capitol this week for a Clean Dream Act. 86 rabbis and leaders representing 18 Jewish organizations were arrested for civil disobedience as they raised their voices, sang, and embraced in support for Dreamers. This action was a model for how we can act as a Jewish community in solidarity with the immigrant communities who are being targeted by unacceptable policies. 


An excerpt from a statement by Stosh Cotler (our friend and CEO of Bend the Arc), reads: 

No one should ever feel as alone and terrified as Dreamers do under Trump.

We believe that our struggles for justice are inextricably linked. The only way to achieve our vision of equity and liberation for all is for each of us to use our moral compass and take action whenever anyone is mistreated or experiencing cruelty and harm.

This week we modeled the transformed country we’re trying to build by putting our bodies on the line for a clean Dream Act, and inspiring Jewish demands of Congress across the country.

Click here to read Stosh's full statement about the action and why they did it, see photos and video, and find out how you can push our legislators to support a Clean Dream Act.

Click below to watch a video of the action.


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