AJ's Reflections on the Women's Convention

Next week it will be almost a month since the Women's Convention took place at COBO in Detroit.

Throughout the two days that I attended, and amidst the almost 4,000 people there, I crossed paths with other DJJ leaders and DJJ's organizational partners. A really special piece of the three-day convention was Friday's Kabbalat Shabbat. It's not uncommon for justice-seeking Jews to self-organize prayer or song in secular settings to meet their spiritual needs, but it is unique to have a formal program include Jewish prayer as an option for attendees. Over 60 people from across the country came together for Kabbalat Shabbat at the Women's Convention. Mostly Jews, but it's important to note many allies joined as well. In fact, it was our very own R.Alana who co-led the service and mindfully mentioned during the service that "Jews have the tendency to feel alone when we are, and when we aren't [alone]."

I've kept her words close to my heart since. The actions of allies who came to participate and witness our prayer did not go unnoticed. The intentional offering of space and time from the Women's Convention's organizers allowed me, and hopefully all, the Jews who came together to be fueled by values of inclusion, intersectionality, and allyship to show up for the rest of the convention ready to act from a place of deep interdependence among all attendees. 



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