A Big Announcement From DJJ

TLDR: DJJ is looking for our new ED!

In 2014, when I was recruited to Detroit to serve as a part-time congregational rabbi and part-time justice organizer, we never imagined what DJJ could become in just a few short years.

Because of your commitment, we have become a force. Over the last 7 years, DJJ has grown rapidly, attracting hundreds of leaders and donors, building powerful relationships in the social justice field, providing critical services to the Jewish community, making a real impact on issues and culture, and firmly positioning itself as a respected player in the progressive space in Detroit and in the national Jewish justice movement. A healthy combination of grassroots gifts, major donors, and foundation support allow us to step confidently into the next phase 

Our growth and development have made it clear that DJJ needs a full-time executive director! At this moment in DJJ’s trajectory, undivided attention is critical. I’m so proud to have led DJJ to this point, and am also clear that this is a healthy time for me to make space for a new leader who can seize upon the full potential of this ripe political and spiritual moment, locally and nationally. A full-time ED will be able to take the incredible foundation that we have built together and nurture us into an organization with more capacity, resources and power to put toward affecting the racial and economic change we want to see. 

The star-studded first DJJ Shabbaton in 2015

DJJ's star-studded first Shabbaton in 2015

We have brought together a brilliant search committee! Bobbi Spiegler, Syma Echeandia,  Barry Rubin, Devin Samuels, Allie Zeff (staff liaison), and Cole Park (Organizer at Carolina Jews for Justice) are hard at work developing a job description and hiring plan. They would love to hear from you! Please email Devin at: [email protected] with any hopes and dreams for this transition. We hope to begin the search in earnest early this summer in preparation for a fall transition and will keep you posted on any timeline developments. We hope you will partner with us to spread the word and help us find a good shidduch/match for this exciting position.

I am just beginning to find words to describe how much this experience has impacted me as a rabbi and organizer, and I look forward to reflecting over the coming months. For now I’ll just say that I’m excited to continue showing up alongside you all in our fight for justice as a participant, activist, spiritual leader, host, cook, donor, schlepper - whatever we need!  

My deepest gratitude to all who are and have been working to make this transition as intentional and successful as it can be. 

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