15,000 Lights


I write to you just a few hours after our second annual Festival of Rights. Jews and our allies came together to celebrate our hard work, assert our shared vision, and affirm our commitment to realizing that vision. A few brief highlights:



Some of our most trusted partners lit the menorah. What an incredible privilege to offer the honor to friends whose leadership we have been blessed to follow this year. We were joined by friends from The Motor City Freedom Riders, The Ecology Center, and the People’s Water Board.


Hanukkah means “dedication” - it gives us an opportunity each year to rededicate ourselves to struggles for justice. Tonight, new and old leaders committed ourselves to stretching ourselves in the coming year -- to showing up for learning, for action, for play, and for the nitty-gritty.


After our menorah was lit, an anonymous donor let me know that she was so inspired by the evening that she was offering to match all new gifts to Detroit Jews for Justice that come in by the end of the year (12/31) on a 1:2 basis up to $5000. MIRACULOUSLY, $2000 in additional donations will become $3000!  $4,000 will become $6000! AND $10,000 in new gifts between now and 12/31 will turn into $15,000 for DJJ!  So if you have not yet made a gift this year to DJJ, PLEASE consider making one before the end of the year.  If you have already made a gift to DJJ this year, thank you! Please consider getting an early start on next year's giving and make a donation today.

Watching a slideshow of our short history I felt amazed by how much we have been able to accomplish so far. The plans our leaders are developing for this coming year are ambitious. We ask for your voices, hearts, hands, and feet -- your money and your time. It is only with all of those things can Jews in Metro Detroit join the fight for racial and economic justice.

As we sang together:
Kol echad who or katan, v’kulanu or eitan -- Each of us is a small light, all of us are a great light.

Chag Urim Sameach -- Happy Festival of Lights,
Rabbi Alana Alpert

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