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Monthly Donation

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To celebrate this exciting moment for DJJ, a group of generous donors have pledged to donate a combined $15,000 if we can get 18 new monthly donors of $18 or more. Will you pledge to become a monthly donor to DJJ to support us in our continued growth?
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2024 Purim Tickets

Thank you for visiting the DJJ Purim 2024 donation page! While there is no required fee to attend, your contribution helps us make this event a reality.

$0-36 sliding scale tickets! 




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Beautiful testimonies! I am so glad that DJJniks had such an amazing opportunity to enhance their knowledge and experiences.
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Freedom House Registry

Dear DJJ Community and Friends-

We are starting the process of collecting home goods for a Freedom House Resident that will be moving out in the next few months. We are very excited about this partnership between DJJ and Freedom House and we need your help to make it a success! Please take a look at this DJJ: Freedom House Apartment Registry to purchase or donate a gently used item. If the item is large we will arrange a pick-up plan with you. All other details are included in the document.

We estimate that we will need to raise $500 to cover moving supplies and unclaimed items. If you are able to donate monetarily to assist in covering these costs please do so below!

If you have any questions or trouble using the Registry please don't hesitate to email aj.aaron47@gmail or call 248-514-8453.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!


The Freedom House Registry Crew: Emma, Dana, Zak, Aj and Hayley

In addition/instead of an in-kind donation, you can make a donation online below. A donation from this page will be dedicated to the Freedom House registry specifically. Checks can be mailed to Detroit Jews for Justice at 15000 W 10 Mile Rd, Oak Park, MI 48237. Make sure to write "Freedom House Registry" in the memo line so your donation ends up in the right place.

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Sign the petition: Michigan Jews Pledge Solidarity with Immigrant, Arab & Muslim Communities

Michigan Jews Pledge Solidarity with Immigrant, Arab & Muslim Communities


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We will not stand idly by while the administration escalates its attacks on Muslims, Arabs, refugees and immigrants. We pledge to show up: in the streets, at the airport, in our decision-makers’ offices and inboxes. Compelled by Jewish values, history and self-interest, we commit to the struggle against white supremacy and bigotry in all its forms.

Sign below and share widely to help us meet our goal of 300 signatures.

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