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Organize with DJJ

 Join us at the May General Meeting for the Freedom Team's incredible workshops!

Two workshops:

Driving It Home: Why We Need Licenses For All
In this workshop about the Driver's Licenses for All campaign, DJJ leaders will learn the background of the issue and the basics of the policy changes advocated for by our partners in Cosecha and Drive Michigan Forward. We'll explore the daily implications of living without a driver's license and deepen our own personal and collective stake in this issue. Activities will include an interactive game, storytelling, and a discussion/reflection exercise.

Diabetes, Food, and Community Health: Understanding Health Justice and the Jewish Lens
In this workshop we will discuss food security, health justice, and diabetes in Southeast Michigan and how it relates to community health personally alongside Jewish values.

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RSVP to Drive Michigan Forward Week of Action Phone Banks!

Join us and our partners at the Drive Michigan Forward coalition for the Week of Action phone banks May 18th-20th! We are working to bring others to our fight for driver's licenses for undocumented Michiganders. Drive Michigan Forward is working towards making Michigan a place where freedom is for everyone, and this means helping undocumented immigrants obtain driver's licenses. The phone banking shifts are: May 18th 5-8pm, May 19th 12-3pm, and May 20th 5-8pm. We hope to see you there - register here!!!

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