Statement of Intergenerational Commitment


DJJ seeks to be an intergenerational community, a rarity in our society. DJJ recognizes that success at this goal requires hard work and much intentionality. DJJ values the contributions of leaders and supporters of all ages, striving to raise up voices across many generations. To that end, DJJ commits to:

  1. Actively recruiting to create a good balance of ages in our leadership
  2. Creating age diverse work groups, committees, and leadership in all structures we utilize
  3. Holding events, educational and social, to proactively share voices and perspectives of all leaders
  4. Keeping in mind the needs of various age constituencies when planning programs
  5. Asking younger leaders to understand the terrible impacts that ageism has on our society and community
  6. Asking older leaders to understand that adultism, as it includes discrimination + power, impacts the daily lives of younger leaders




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