Election Season Resources

Your vote is your voice - Make it Heard!

In what may be the most important election of our lifetimes, it is crucial that all who can, vote, and that every vote is counted. Voting is a constitutional right that allows citizens to shape the communities we live in. We know that our democracy has never represented everyone, but when more people vote, and more votes are counted, we have a better chance to build the government we deserve.

Many people living in the United States are not eligible to vote, or have been disenfranchised. This year the pandemic has added a new layer of challenges to voting this election season. It is a privilege to vote safely this election, so your ballot will speak not only for yourself, but also for the people who do not have the ability to vote.

However, the work does not simply end on November 3rd. Many mailed in ballots will still need to be counted after election day, and it is important to stay vigilant and ensure that every vote is counted.

These resources include guides on how to get out the vote and safely vote yourself, along with how to take action past election day.

Everything You Need to Know to Vote 

Register to vote, check registration status, locate polling stations and drop boxes, track your ballot, etc. 


Take Action!

Election Reporting and Voting Data

Resources for Organizers - (that's YOU!) 



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