Wolfgang 2021 Tickets and Host Committee

Ticket Information (Prices are on a sliding scale)
$36.00 1 ticket – Mensch
$72.00 1 ticket – Haberes buenos (Good news!)
$180.00 1 ticket – Rodef Tzedek (Pursuing justice!)

Join our Host Committee!

We are delighted to invite you to become a member of our Host Committee to make it a success, and we hope that you will attend. Here’s how Host Committee members will be able to support our exciting event and ongoing work:

1. Purchase a ticket at one of the host levels on behalf of yourself, or an organization
2. Invite your colleagues, friends, and neighbors to purchase tickets at a guest or host level

We hope that your generous investment sparks or maintains a long and satisfying journey of annual support of our work.

Host committee levels:

Trailblazer $360.00 Receive 3 tickets + a program listing as a Trailblazer
Champion $540.00 Receive 4 tickets + a program listing as a Champion
Visionary $720.00 Receive 5 tickets + a program listing as a Visionary
Phenom $1000.00 Receive 6 tickets + a program listing as a Phenom

If you prefer to give by check or through a charitable fund, please send a check addressed to "Detroit Jews for Justice" to the following address:

Detroit Jews for Justice
440 Burroughs, Suite 625
Detroit, MI 48202

The deadline for Host Committee is Friday, April 23rd, 2021. If you have any questions, please contact Blythe Kim at [email protected] or (248) 961-2549.

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